miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2007

No más pena, ella ha sentido mucho dolor, en su vida

No more blame I am destined
to keep you sane.Gotta rescue the flame.Gotta rescue the flame in your heart.

No more blood, I will be there for you my love.I will stand by your side.The world has forsaken my girl.
Should I've seen it would be
this way.Should I've known from the start what she's up to.When you've loved and you've lost someoneYou know what it feels like to lose.

She's fading away,
away from this world.Drifting like a feather
she's not like the other girls.She lives in the clouds
and talks to the birds.Hopeless little one
she's not like the other girls
I know.

No more shame, she has felt too much pain in her life.In her mind she's repeating the words.
All the love you put out will return to you.